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So, you want to foster a retired racehorse, but you don’t have a farm? That is what a number of Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) supporters said when we announced the Foster A Horse campaign.

Johnathan Miller and his wife Lisa came up with an idea.

“I wanted to help because I love the horses but our farm is full.” said Miller, “And, I thought there must be many people out there who live in cities or suburbs and who want to help as well. So, I suggested I pay the daily cost of caring for a horse, and the TRF calls the horse mine.”

We call it “Full Sponsorship” and it’s like virtual fostering. For $5 a day, billed monthly, quarterly, or annually, you are the virtual owner of your horse and the sole supporting sponsor. And, your financial support assists with the horse’s farrier needs and veterinarian costs.

“This helps the TRF and saves the horse having to be moved away from his pasture mates.” continued Miller. “I think that is important, especially with the older horses. It is a win-win situation.”

TRF is still actively promoting its Foster A Horse program for those people who do have room at their farms and would like to have their foster horse live at their farm. Begun in 1993, the Foster Care program allows horse lovers to take on retired racehorses that are pasture sound and healthy, but not sound for regular riding. Currently there are 60 TRF horses placed at foster farms. This year however, the TRF hopes to increase the number of horses that are fostered, or fully sponsored by 300.

“The Full Sponsorship program could help TRF reach its goal and also provide a more meaningful way for current and potential supporters to donate to the TRF.” said Rob Hinkle, President and CEO of the TRF.

If you are interested in the Full Sponsorship program, you can contact Lisa Craig, Annual Fund Director, at 518-226-0028 or or, visit the TRF Sponsorship webpage at

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation (TRF) is the largest equine rescue organization of its kind, devoted to the rescue, retirement, rehabilitation and retraining of Thoroughbred racehorses no longer able to compete on the track. We currently care for 1050 retired racehorses daily with more than 650 additional horses in adoptive homes. At re-training farms around the country, we prepare racehorses for adoption as riding horses. At our correctional facility farms, we provide a vocational training program for inmates as they provide supervised care to our retired horses. The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation is a place that offers a humane alternative to the dire possibilities that have long faced a great majority of ex-racers – neglect, abuse and slaughter. It is a place, built on love and caring, that is befitting such noble and deserving animals.

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