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Update from Tammy Marsh:

The Equine Comeback Challenge is a wonderful program that does an excellent job of putting rescue horses in the spotlight. I am very proud to have been part of the challenge. Neil continues to be a superstar. The first thing we did when we got back from Harrisburg was to integrate him into my herd. He is now the herd leader. We also hosted an open house to promote my book, Talk To Me- Round Pen Work From the Horse’s Point of View, and to give the public a chance to meet my horses. I was asked to show off Neil and he went through the trail course flawlessly. Then he gave pony rides.

We have continued to work on basics perfecting our up and down transitions and riding from leg and seat cues. We have been doing mostly ring work but that is about to change. I have decided to commit the time to conditioning Neil for endurance (competitive)trail riding. I have always wanted to do the endurance riding but never had a horse that I felt was capable physically and mentally. This will be a fun adventure.

Because Neil is such a superstar he will also be learning how to neck rein because he has achieved what I thought was impossible. He has turned my husband into a horse person – he has claimed Neil as his horse. Larry has always been supportive of my horse activities and does things around the farm but he has never had an interest in riding – until Neil. For Christmas Larry asked for a Western saddle because mine doesn’t fit Neil. I happily agreed to buy any saddle he picked out. Neil and Larry will have a Classic Billy Cook under the tree.

I don’t think Neil will have any trouble adjusting. Currently Neil will work with me and we will work on gait control with a collected and extended trot and whatever else I decide we need to do. I can get down and put Ian, my nine year old son, up and Neil is happy to plod along and is a wonderful babysitter. Neil is super patient with Larry as he learns how to ride and all the mistakes that beginners make. Neil is a barn favorite and I would have no trouble finding him a new home but he is now a member of our family.

You can continue to watch Neil’s progress and adventures at or FB address


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