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We want to share with you some stories and photos about some of the rescued horses who live at our DoubleHP Sanctuary & Learning Center (501c3 Horse Help Providers, Inc.) in South Dakota. We are possibly the oldest horse rescue in South Dakota. We organized in 2001 and received our 501c3 more than 10 years ago. We have rescued and helped to re-home hundreds of horses over the years, and we are available to assist Law Enforcement in cases involving horses.

Rocky, Quarter Horse/grade horse

Rocky has helped many people learn how to ride. He is such a gentle soul. We rescued him from starvation when he was an untrained 2-year-old stallion. He went through several foster homes and was even adopted out. But, the adoption did not work out so he came back to us. After all of those homes, we decided to promise him a forever home here with us. We don’t know why nobody else wanted to keep him. He is one of the nicest horses we have ever met. Just more proof that some really nice horses do fall through the cracks, when they are young and untrained. All they need is a chance to get healthy and grow up/mature a little bit.


Photo of Rocky and his friend Ellie. They officially graduated from Parelli Level One in 2016 and hope to complete Level 2 in 2017. We’ll keep you updated. Ellie’s family lives in town and it isn’t reasonable for them to own a horse right now. Without our program, Ellie would be horseless, and Rocky would not have her as his special horsemanship partner. 

Spirit, Quarter Horse / grade horse

Spirit was rescued from starvation when he was a weanling, locked in a dark building with no food and no water. He grew up sound and strong, one of the really really lucky ones. Spirit and Christina are Parelli Level 2 graduates and will complete at least some of their Level 3 in 2017. Photo below of Spirit and Christina. Christina’s family also lives in town and they are not able to own horses right now. Without our program, Christina would be horseless and Spirit would not have her as his very special horsemanship partner. 


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About Hope Legacy Equine Rescue

Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue was founded in 2008 when we took in our first donkey. Since then they have taken in over 450 horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys.

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