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A letter from A Home for Every Horse adopter:


Every young girl growing up wants a horse right? Well I was no exception! From the first time I saw Black Beauty on the giant screen to the many pages read late into the night about a girl and her horse, I was hooked! I badgered my mother for riding lessons when I was 8 and she finally succumbed finding a lovely riding stable in Moorestown. Oh the excitement that filled my heart the first time our car slowly drove down the dust filled dirt road to a wooden barn beckoning me to come take a look! I could barely control my emotions jumping from the car and running into the barn! I remember to my amazement and awe the stalls were filled with all different sizes and shaped heads looking at me! It was as if each horse was personally beckoning me to come pet him or her! I was overcome with joy as this would remain a lifelong love and passion! As with many young girls we grow up and become involved with many different activities. For many years I rode every week learning to walk, trot and eventually canter and jump. I always rode in a group, because it was cheaper but never minded because I was able to drink in the smell of my horse hours after the ride. I had always wanted my own horse but finances dictated riding lessons only. After high school I eventually went to college and started working. I rode sporadically but my desire to have my own horse never disappeared tucked away in my heart waiting to emerge one day.

Years sped by all too quickly. I adopted my son and daughter and over the years watched as they grew into two wonderful adults whom I am so proud to be called their mother. I found my calling and became a nurse. Unfortunately life has a way of throwing you a curve ball and although divorce is ugly I was able to move forward eventually finding my soul mate. My kids soon graduated from college and found jobs. I continued working and life seemed good. My new husband and I shared many wonderful times together and had similar interests one being a love for all animals. My heart still yearned for a horse but the timing just never seemed right!

At the age of 56 I had a great job, my husband and I loved going to the beach and life seemed wonderful. One day in October on my way to work I felt sick. Thinking I had the flu I pushed through the nausea and chest pain (yes I know…idiot) and made it into work! As I climbed the stairs, this feeling of having the wind knocked out of me swept over my entire body! I sat down at my desk and then it hit me! Oh my gosh, I think I am having a heart attack!! I fell to the floor praying someone would find me. After quite an ordeal I was admitted to the hospital, underwent a catheterization and was found to have a 100% blockage in the largest artery to my heart! Needless to say I am very blessed to be here and writing this!

It was a very rough couple of months with me getting a defibrillator implanted due to the amount of damage from the heart attack! It was then I told my husband that I had a bucket list and I couldn’t leave this world without having my very own horse! True to form my husband found Lisa Post of Helping Hearts Equine Rescue (HHER). I remember meeting Lisa for the first time and thinking how much love and devotion she had for the horses in her care! She made me realize there were so many horses thrown away each day that needed loving homes. I could see the love in her eyes as she told me about Oliver. Oliver was the reason she started her rescue! Wiping the tears from my eyes I told my husband that I wanted to adopt a rescue and Lisa said she would help me fulfill my dream! At that time Lisa was the driving force behind Camelot Horse Weekly on Facebook. She and a dedicated group of 4 went every week to the Auction and took pictures and wrote descriptions of the horses no one wanted! These were then posted on Facebook for adoption. My respect for her grew with leaps and bounds. I discussed with my cardiologist my desire to get a horse and although he was against it he basically threw up his arms and agreed…but only if I got a bomb proof horse! I practically danced out of his office I was so happy and so my quest began! I discussed what I needed with Lisa and several friends on Facebook. One Tuesday a friend text me to check out the preview horses at Camelot! There was this huge black horse that was going to be run through the auction the next night! I immediately called Lisa and she said the horse was a Percheron who had been used as a probable Amish plow horse. Lisa advised me to call the owner and tell him Lisa was a friend and could I visit and look the big guy over! The owner agreed. I quickly called my husband and asked him if I could purchase him if I thought he was the “one”… My husband not one to say no to me agreed and after I calmed down, took several deep breaths and stopped crying, ran out of work and headed to the auction! Once there I walked over to this giant of a horse and just starred at his size watching him slowly eat his hay. He let me walk over to him and stroke his neck. When I turned my back to say something to the auction owner, I felt this gentle tug on my coat. I turned around gazed into this 18 hand giant’s eyes and fell in love with his gentleness. I called my husband first and then Lisa. To make things easy on me Lisa found me a quarantine spot and transport. Thank goodness as I obviously was not thinking about anything except I had my very first horse after 48 years! My joy knew no bounds as I shouted to anyone and everyone “I have my own horse”. You cannot imagine how emotional this is for me! I decided to name this big black giant Tucker! Tucker went through quarantine like a pro and then we made the trek to Lisa’s farm, as this was to be his home. I couldn’t imagine a better place to keep him as I had been able to witness the underweight horses who Lisa had rescued get the love and attention plus groceries they needed and find their forever home! Lisa has a keen eye when it comes to assessing horses and knew that Tucker needed time and love to bring him out of the dark place he was in. It almost seemed as if he had shut down emotionally! I came every day to see him and my love for him increased on a daily basis. I have learned so much from Lisa about the care of neglected horses. I have watched what Lisa goes through daily to try and save these unwanted thrown away horses. I have watched her agonize over the hard decisions and although she tries not to show it, have watched her softly cry over an unexpected death. These are the attributes of a rescuer. This is who Lisa Post and HHER are!

For the last 3 years I have been gaining my health because of Tucker and gained unfathomable knowledge of horses from Lisa. My doctors are thrilled my heart is doing so well and now just advise me to be careful.

Helping Hearts is Lisa Post. Hundreds of horses would have been euthanized if not for Lisa. I shudder to think where Tucker would be without her! Every day Lisa and Helping Hearts work with families and other rescues to find homes for horses, ponies and donkeys. Lisa also has a soft spot for the senior horses giving them love and care maybe for the first time in their lives. She has assembled a very wonderful group of volunteers and is a valued member of her community. She and HHER have brought about the awareness of slaughter bound horses to the forefront and how just the simple act of feeding and loving them can make all the difference.

HHER and Lisa took an old thrown away plow horse, helped him find his way home to a sickly heart patient and watched them grow together in love and health. Last summer this twosome tested in dressage Intro A&B and this old plow horse took me to a 2nd and a 5th place. My story doesn’t end here for Tucker and I have just started our journey! Thank you Lisa Post for making my 48 year old dream come true.


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