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In 2007, Miss Fancy came to HPAF as a yearling after being seized along with two other horses (Mr. Scott and MG) in a cruelty case. A year later the case went to deferred prosecution and Miss Fancy’s owner agreed to pay all expenses for all three horses, but first she went to HPAF to learn to care for the horses. She committed to making her property safe for the horses by building stalls with safe fencing and providing prescribed feeding programs. However, a year later the owner and her attorney met with the state attorney and they agreed to comply with the terms of the original agreement but the owner said she could not pay the owed expenses for the first year. After much discussion back and forth the owner agreed to relinquish Mr. Scott (the gelded colt) in lieu of the $6900.

9 months passed with no word from the owner. During that time HPAF sent Miss Fancy and MG to an excellent local trainer for six weeks to be started under saddle. Then they got the owner to come to HPAF a few times to learn how to feed and handle the horses. Even though she would watch and try to learn how to handle the horses, she would never handle them by herself. HPAF also went to her property to fix fences and get the place as safe as possible for the horses to return. Finally, after 3 years and 3 months, Miss Fancy and MG were returned to their owner. The HPAF left the owner with a list of instructions on how to care for the horses.

At HPAF, the horses were used to being in a large pen where they could graze and play all day; but at their new home they were placed in a small barren paddock. They soon began to spend their days pacing the fence line since there was no grass to graze on and nothing for them to do.

After a year, the horses became emaciated to the point where they were in danger. The HPAF had now become authorized to seize horses through the civil emergency disposition of animal’s statue. We went to court in March 2012 and prevailed, the judge ordered the two fillies to be remanded to HPAF permanently. Five years later, Fancy and MG were finally healthy and would never have to return to a life of neglect and starvation.


Miss Fancy went back into training and we began looking for the right person to be her forever home. Through and the A Home for Every Horse program, Fancy met Karen Powell who had been a horse show Mom for many years and was now ready for a horse of her own to love. It was a match made in heaven. Karen has since provided a safe and loving home for Miss Fancy. Karen says that Miss Fancy is the best thing that ever happened to her! She is kind, sweet, and never gives you any trouble.

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