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Training competitions abound in the horse world. There’s the Extreme Mustang Makeover, Road to the Horse, and the Mustang Million. Now there’s the Equine Comeback Challenge, introduced by A Home for Every Horse.

A Home for Every Horse was founded by our sister website, —The World’s Largest Equine Marketplace. This site uses its vast network to help find forever homes unwanted horses.

The Equine Comeback Challenge will be held on October 14, 2014, at the 2014 Pennsylvania National Horse Show. AHFEH has paired 10 trainers with 10 horses for 90 days of training in preparation for the competition.

The trainer who’ll be associated with the magazine I work on, The Trail Rider, is Tammy Marsh of Palomino Acres Equine Services. In my interview with Tammy, I found a trainer who understands the importance of taking your time, even during a training competition.

As a trainer of rescue horses myself, I really appreciate this approach. Such horses need often need an abundance of time and patience to get them to a place where they can trust their new trainers and owners.

During the interview, Tammy described starting slowly with her project horse, Neil. Right off, she noticed something was wrong and immediately called in an equine chiropractor. She also had Neil’s teeth floated (filed down for bit comfort) before pushing him forward.

“There’s no benefit in rushing something to win a prize,” Tammy told me.

Good for you Tammy; it’ll be great to follow your progress with Neil.

When people are willing to put horses first, training competitions can be a powerful tool for bringing awareness to issues in the horse world, as well as highlighting the amazing bond that’s possible between horse and human.

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