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Story told by: Kristi Mitchell – Singing River Equine Rescue, Inc.


Sophie was picked up by an animal control officer after receiving a report that her owner moved out and left her behind. She was kept in a small muddy pen with no access to grass or hay. Neighbors had been trying to feed her and provide her with water in hopes the owner would return but weeks passed and he never did. We were told the owner had a long criminal history including domestic violence so we were very happy when she was rescued.

Upon arrival, Sophie had a body condition score of a 2 on the Henneke Scale. She was very sweet and had good ground manners so we felt like she had some training in the past.

Once she reached a healthy weight, we had her evaluated by a kind and patient trainer with tons of experience. She spent about 30 days with her. Sophie responded very well. The trainer took her on long trail rides and did lots of ground work and arena work with her. She even brought her to the rescue’s annual fundraiser where she remained calm and confident in spite of the large crowd and unfamiliar horses.

A volunteer posted Sophie’s photo and description on We had several calls about her but many of the folks wanted her for breeding. While we are not opposed to responsible breeding, we do require that our rescued horses not be bred as we see too many good horses in need of loving homes. However, last month we heard from an adopter located about 90 minutes from us. She was an experienced horse person and asked all of the right questions. We do all we can to make sure it is a good match for the adopter and the horse.

We delivered Sophie to her new home on March 24. We were greeted by the adopter and her 9 year old daughter. It was love at first sight! We receive regular updates from them about how well Sophie is fitting in, how smart she is and how much they love her. This happy ending is what keeps us going. It makes all of the sad days and hard work worthwhile. We get attached to every horse that comes through the rescue and it is hard to see them go. However there is no feeling like seeing a once abused and neglected horse find just the right person who you know will give them a permanent and loving home.


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