Equine Comeback Challenge Horses

Reading Time: 4 minutes Name: Rico Suave Breed: Thoroughbred Age: 8 years old Rico Suave is a rescue horse from Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester. Rico as seized on April 17th 2014 as part of a cruelty case. He was one of 15 horses that were emaciated. Rico was a stallion when he arrived at Lollypop Farm […]

The Premarin Story- Malibu’s Chapter

Reading Time: 3 minutes Chapter ~ The Premarin Story As told by Lynn Hummer at Pregnant Mare Rescue 75,000 mares throughout North Dakota and Canada have been impregnated and confined to cramped stalls so their estrogen rich urine can be collected for use in a drug called Premarin. for six months, while their bodies are producing the most estrogen, […]