Rescue Success Stories

Farewell to the Blind Mare I'll Never Forget

This morning, I received word that a blind Appaloosa mare named Keller had passed away at Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears, because Keller touched my heart. Here she is as I first saw her, in a pen at a livestock auction yard […]

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Do You Know About 'A Home For Every Horse'?

With America’s horse rescues full to overflowing, wouldn’t it be great if there were some easy, reliable way for adopters to find available horses online? Yes, and guess what–there is! The Equine Network, of which Horse&Rider is a part, has partnered with the Unwanted Horse Coalition to create and power […]

Rescue Success Stories

One Blind Horse, Four Caring Women, One Year Later

Last year at about this time, I was blogging about the blind Appaloosa I’d encountered at a livestock yard in Idaho. When no one bid on her, the consignor/owner abandoned her there. She was subsequently cared for by an employee, Janet, but Janet knew the horse couldn’t stay there forever. […]

Rescue Success Stories

Epilogue: The FEARLESS Blind Horse Rescue Saga

Last month, in multiple posts, I blogged about Mikey, the reader who drove 2,400 miles to rescue an abandoned blind horse. Here she is in her rig with the FEARLESS plates, pulling out of the auction yard with a sightless mare in her trailer, heading for Shiloh Horse Rescue south […]

Rescue Success Stories

More This 'n' That from Mikey's Rescue Mission

I sure want to thank everyone who’s been saving a little heart-room to keep up with the saga of Mikey’s rescue mission of the blind mare abandoned at a livestock yard. Once she’s had a chance to rest up, I’m sure Mikey will have her own stories to tell; can’t […]

Rescue Success Stories

"I Gave the Horse a Big Hug From All of Us"

I just heard from Mikey again. She and the blind mare made it to Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada today with no trouble. Other than being a little stocked up in her legs, which is to be expected after having just had her neglected feet trimmed, the mare took the […]

Rescue Success Stories

Blind Mare is Now on the Road With Mikey

We’re freshly back from our drive to meet Mikey E. at the livestock market and help her get the object of her mission–a blind mare who has a welcoming committee waiting for her at Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada–trimmed up and into her trailer. We arrived before Mikey did, so […]

Rescue Success Stories

Report from Mikey's Rescue Bus (Saturday a.m.)

Mikey just called to say she’s about 2 1/2 hours from the livestock market. Cell reception is spotty in Idaho’s mountains, so we didn’t get to dwell long on the phone. Details of her drive will have to wait–but the good news is, the sun’s coming up, so she won’t […]

Rescue Success Stories

Get to Know Mikey as She Goes on Her Mission

What kind of person would drive 2,400 miles to rescue one abandoned blind horse, with a promise to take care of its overgrown feet while she’s at it? Get some answers here, from her blog (check out her front truck plate at right–which pretty much says it all.) I […]

Rescue Success Stories

The Horse Nobody Wanted: Part 2

Shiloh Horse Rescue in Nevada has agreed to take in this blind horse, who was abandoned at a livestock auction after eliciting no bids. When I wrote last week’s post about the blind horse left at a livestock auction after no one would bid on him, I expected some riled-up […]