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A Volunteers View

Story submitted by Equine WellBeing Rescue Volunteer. What it means to be a horse rescue volunteer Most of the stories I have read have been by the rescue about a volunteer. I thought I would give a different perspective of what it means to me to be a horse rescue […]

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Is My Horse at Risk?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Haygain News Media Contact: Kim F Miller [email protected] What do we know about the potential COVID-19 threat to and from horses, cats and dogs? Dr. David Marlin March 18, 2020. At the time of writing there have been 1,029 scientific papers published on COVID-19 – two papers […]

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New Wound Care Product Combines Manuka Honey and MicroSilver

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact Colleen Scott Signal Theory (formerly Sullivan Higdon & Sink) (816) 769-5210 Absorbine® Brings Silver Honey Rapid Wound Repair to Market EAST LONGMEADOW, Mass. (November 5, 2019) – Horse owners know, it’s not if their horses get hurt, it’s when. For such large, strong animals, horses […]

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Laminitis: A Year-Round Concern

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Haygain News Content Developer: Kim F Miller 949 293 1555/[email protected] by Becky James, BSc, MSc Despite a long-standing belief that laminitis is a spring-time disease, a recent study identified that there is no ‘safe’ season: laminitis remains a threat regardless of the time of year. The same […]

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Purina® Omolene® Horse Feed Now Provides Gastric Support

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [email protected], 608-720-1782 Image(s) for download: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Purina%20Equine/09.05.19%20-%20Omolene%20PR Reformulation adds Outlast Gastric Support Supplement, for gastric care in every meal. Arden Hills, Minn. [Sept. 12, 2019] – Textured feeds, like the Purina Omolene line, provide wholesome nutrition horse owners love to see. What happens when you take a horse […]

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The Right Way to Dose Electrolytes

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Susan Libby, [email protected] Even mild dehydration can have an effect on performance. Once you know the basics, it’s not that difficult to supplement electrolytes correctly, but many people don’t know how – and the consequences may be taking more of a toll than is realized. Electrolytes […]

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The Real Cause of Pasture-Associated Laminitis (PAL)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 30, 2019 Contact: Nancy Collins 603-323-7469 Photo available upon request. Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD It isn’t fructan. It isn’t hind gut acidosis. Here’s the science: The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Laminitis Working Group did a four-year study with the goal of identifying laminitis risks. […]

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Veterinarian-Horse Owner Partnership Remains Focus for Equine Parasite Control

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 27, 2019 Media Contacts: Kassi Hoxmeier Bader Rutter 262-938-5522 [email protected] The American Association of Equine Practitioners released updated equine parasite control PARSIPPANY, N.J., June 28, 2019 — The American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) released updated equine parasite control guidelines earlier this month, providing unified strategies […]

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Maintain Your Horse’s Safety This Fourth of July

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information, contact: Kassi Hoxmeier Bader Rutter [email protected] 262-938-5522 Implement these safety best practices to help celebrate Independence Day with the greatest display of all – a safe, injury-free horse. Independence Day brings out patriotism, family fun and more than 200 million pounds of fireworks, according […]

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Do You Know What Care Your Senior Horse Needs?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Jackie Bellamy-Zions Communications Equine Guelph Guelph, ON N1G 2W1 519.824.4120 ext. 54756 [email protected] Have an older horse? Take a minute this May to learn about the management and health of your loyal companion during their golden years with Equine Guelph’s Senior Horse Tool (www.equineguelph.ca/seniorhorsetool), developed […]