Fat for Improving Your Horse’s Coat Health

Reading Time: 3 minutes Credit to Purina  Be sure that your horse’s diet is well balanced before adding an extra fat source. | iStock Q.I am trying to decide the best way to add fat to my horse’s diet. Other horse owners at my barn feed either black oil sunflower seeds, ground flax, or flax oil. Are there benefits to […]

Gastric Health: The Key to Your Horse’s Best Self

Reading Time: 3 minutes Credit to Purina Did you know that the prevalence of gastric discomfort in active horses is high? Studies indicate that the prevalence of gastric ulcers in performance horses is 90% or more1.Gastric discomfort may negatively affect a horse’s health, attitude and performance. Fortunately, recognizing signs of discomfort and providing proper management can help support your horse’s […]

Nutrition for Improved Hoof Health in Horses

Reading Time: 3 minutes Credit to Purina If your horses have poor hoof quality, consider making changes to their diet to help strengthen their hooves. If your horse has poor hoof quality, evaluate his nutrition program to ensure his dietary needs are being met. | iStock Q.My gelding has always had “bad” feet. Despite my farrier’s and my best […]

Feeding Off-Track Thoroughbreds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Credit: Purina Animal Nutrition  The base of your OTTB’s diet should be forage to reduce digestive disturbances during the transition to a new diet. | iStock Q.I am a first-time OTTB owner and recently purchased my horse directly from the racetrack. She is going to let down over the winter before I start riding her […]

Should I Add Salt to My Horse’s Diet?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Credit to Purina Animal Nutrition  A salt block allows your horse to have free-choice access, but there is no way to monitor their exact intake. | iStock Q:I feed my recreational horses a ration balancer per the manufacturer’s instructions, along with iodized salt and alfalfa. Is it still necessary to top dress with salt? Why or why […]

How to Keep Horses Cool in Hot Weather

Reading Time: 3 minutes Credit to Purina As summer drags on, heat can become a serious problem for many horses.Sweating is the primary way horses cool themselves. Experts believe that prolonged, consistently high sweat rates can lead to “exhaustion” of the sweat glands. In horses, this may result in anhidrosis, or the inability to produce sweat adequately. It is […]

Creating the Right Diet for Your Horse

Reading Time: 8 minutes Credit to The Horse Your horse’s nutritional requirements depend on his life stage and individual needs    Base forage selection on the type necessary to meet nutrient requirements. For a mature idle horse, this is typically an early to late-head grass hay. | iStock All horses need the same essential nutrients—water for cellular, tissue, and […]

Feeding Metabolic Horses: Risky Business or Simple Solutions

Reading Time: 6 minutes The diagnosis of equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) has come a long way. Credit to: Purina Animal Nutrition But even with recent advances and increased scientific interest in EMS, the disease can still be difficult to pinpoint, leaving horse owners frustrated with how to manage a horse with this condition. In many cases, horses suffer acute […]

Keeping Water Troughs Thawed With or Without a Heater

Reading Time: 3 minutes One equine nutritionist offers tips and asks for your input on dealing with ice in horse watering tanks. Credit to: The Horse Q. Winter has barely started, and I’m already tired of breaking ice in my horses’ water trough. Is there anything I can do to help stop the water from freezing other than some […]

Spring Checklist: Pasture Management for Horses

Reading Time: 4 minutes Credit to: Purina Green grass can be a great addition to a horse’s health, both mentally and physically. Horses love the taste of green grass and it can be very nutritious during the right stages of maturity, not to mention the joys of being out in a pasture relaxing and being a horse. However, spring […]