Rescue Horse Resources

Starting the Older Horse

Working with an older but still inexperienced horse poses special challenges but also promises unique rewards.

Rescue Horse Resources

Retraining Thoroughbreds for Dressage

Try these three exercises to turn a Thoroughbred racehorse into a successful dressage mount.

Rescue Horse Resources

Rescue Report: Finding a Trainer

Finding a trainer can be like dating: painful and awkward until you find the right one. But I needed to find a good eventing trainer for my rescue horse, Banjo. I wanted to learn about eventing, a completely new discipline for me. I’d been attending local events to observe people […]

Rescue Horse Care

Nine Myths About Equine Rescues Debunked

Organizations that help horses in need are more important now than ever, but many misconceptions about them remain. Here?s how to sort the fact from fiction.

Rescue Horse Resources

A New Horse?

Was I really going to look at another horse? A rescue horse that was deemed a killer and had been standing in a field for a year? My heart said yes, but my brain was trying to take over, producing all the reasons I shouldn’t do this. For starters, I […]

Rescue Horse Care

The Unwanted Horse: What's His Fate?

With a struggling economy, closure of U.S. slaughterhouses, and lack of resources to support equine rescue, thefate of the unwanted horse is one of the most heated topics among U.S. horsemen today. Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

Operating An Equine Rescue

Buying the Dream Farm

For many professionals in the horse world, having their own farm is an important goal. Whether you are a trainer hoping for your own training barn, a barn manager looking to open your own boarding facility, or a horse owner wanting to start a breeding operation, having your own farm […]

Rescue Horse Care

Adopt a Rescue Horse - What You Need to Know

Doing your research before you adopt a rescue horse can help you avoid trouble and find a suitable match.

Rescue Horse Care

Which Thoroughbred Best Fits My Needs?

Guidelines to consider when choosing an off-the-track Thoroughbred for a specific English discipline, from the book Beyond the Track.

Rescue Horse Care

Value of Microchips in Horses

Regardless of the natural disaster, horses often get lost in the shuffle of catastrophe. If a horse has a microchip, it can not only save them, but return them to their owners once the dust clears.