Winter Drinking Water Temperature

Reading Time: 2 minutes Horses’ overall water consumption decreases as its temperature drops. Credit to: The Horse Posted by Clair Thunes, PhD  Q: Should I give my horses warm drinking water in the cold weather? What are the pros and cons of warm drinking water versus cold during the winter? A: Drinking water is one of the most important aspects of horse […]

Abandoned Horse Earns Career at Horse Rescue

paint horses in pasture

Reading Time: 4 minutes A local community and A Home For Every Horse sponsors band together to regime abandoned horse. Spring of 2022, I received a phone call from an old college friend, Mattie Alewine, in dire need of finding a home for an abandoned horse. After posting the horse in a local community group on Facebook she had […]

Ready for a Rescue Horse? 3 Things to Consider Before Adopting

Reading Time: 3 minutes Adopting a rescue horse can be a wonderful way to get into horse ownership or to add to your existing herd. While it’s easy to browse through rescue listings and fall in love with the horses available, here are three things you should consider before starting your rescue horse search.  What is your lifestyle like? […]

5K Run Leads Woman’s Feet To Her Heart Horse(s)

Reading Time: 5 minutes Story written by Courtney Thompson, submitted by Hope’s Legacy Rescue History of Horses I started riding horses when I was just five years old. At age nine, I started asking my parents for a horse of my own. My dad, who grew up on a dairy farm, suggested we get cows instead when well-meaning friends […]


brown rescue horse with his damn

Reading Time: 4 minutes Story submitted by adopter Bebe Edwards Sherman was born at the Horse Protection Association of Florida (HPAF) farm. His mother Tequila and four other horses had been seized by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and then relinquished to Horse Protection the week before. Sherman was stout and tough from the start. He was named Sherman […]

A Volunteers View

woman kissing brown foal

Reading Time: 2 minutes Story submitted by Equine WellBeing Rescue Volunteer. What it means to be a horse rescue volunteer Most of the stories I have read have been by the rescue about a volunteer. I thought I would give a different perspective of what it means to me to be a horse rescue volunteer. When I started at […]

Charlie Finds Her Angel

Reading Time: 4 minutes Story submitted by Elyse Marriner. I never planned on owning a horse, but the little fiery red mare had a heart full of passion and curiosity. I was drawn to Charlie like a magnet.  Every time I showed up for a lesson and was assigned a different horse to ride, I felt bitter disappointment welling […]

Adopted OTTBs Try Cattle Sorting

Off the track thoroughbred takes on cattle at western clinic

Reading Time: 5 minutes Story submitted by Chelsey Burris Off-track Thoroughbreds are versatile. While they are becoming highly sought-after partners in many English disciplines, they are also becoming increasingly popular in Western sports. On May 8, three Friends of Ferdinand Inc. (FFI) graduates and one adoptable horse—Bisque, Is He Proud, Vindication Ally and Soy Sauce—attended an intro to cattle […]