Brittnee Woodward

2018 Equine Comeback Challenge Trainer


Born and raised a Colorado native Brittnee Woodward has been starting horses for the past 12 years. Born September 1985 Brittnee grew up in Elizabeth, Colorado. Her first job was working for a neighbor’s ranch in Elizabeth mucking stalls and learning as much as she could about horsemanship. Brittnee moved on from there to become a welder and steel Fabricator at her family’s welding shop but continued to pursue her horse career after work at the X2 ranch in Sedalia, Colorado.

Brittnee was given many opportunities at the X2 ranch including starting colts and working with cattle. She became versed in finishing barrel horses, and was very successful in training and selling performance horses for the X2 ranch. As her knowledge of horse training grew she was offered many jobs with different farms and ranches around the Denver area.

In the fall of 2014 Brittnee was introduced to Rod Miller (NRHA trainer and judge), she also Purchased a large horse training and boarding facility in conifer, CO. Rod Miller furthered her knowledge of performance horse training, and helped her win the 2015 ECC.

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Skips Last Chance is a 7 year old American Quarter Horse palomino gelding with two rear white stockings from Colorado Horse Rescue Network.

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