Bryson Wagner

2018 Equine Comeback Challenge Trainer


Bryson is a United States Army Veteran who started working towards his Equine Degrees after being honorably discharged. Bryson’s pre-college horse experiences centered around 4H, Rodeo, Ranch Work and Colt starting. After graduating with his degree in Equine Management, he completed an internship with Darren Miller. He spends most of his days on the back of a horse, training and working cattle, and fills evening hours with lessons and colt starting at various locations in Douglas and Elbert Counties, in Colorado. He and his wife operate their training business together in Elizabeth, CO. Bryson focuses his training methods around natural horsemanship, whether that be lessons, de-sensitizing, trailer loading, or Ranch work. He has the ability to evaluate all of his horses and clients’ needs in order to cater an individualized training plan for each client and horses’ particular situation.

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Jackie is a 3 year old American Quarter Horse sorrel mare from Drifter’s Hearts of Hope. She is well built, has a great work ethic.

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