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Calista was born and raised in Black Forest, Colorado, her family had a small farm where they raised livestock to feed their family. She was involved in the care of the animals since before she can remember. Calista doesn’t know the first time she sat on a horse but she can’t remember a day without them. As a teenager, Calista convinced her mom to let her enroll in 4-H and show the horses and livestock they were raising. She showed horses in 4-H for one reason but found that our farm horses were not competitive so decided to dedicate my time to our market calves and breeding heifers in the show ring.

At 15 Calista joined Shane Brown Performances Horses at Pine Run Ranch. Hired as a stable hand, Shane knew her interest and talent in riding and she would warm up horses for him. She ended up working full time for Shane and finishing high school through a night school program. After graduating high school, she joined Aldridge Performance Horses in Mango, Florida. She spent many years as an assistant for George and Lisa Aldridge learning all aspects of training horses and people along with understanding the performance horse training and show industry.

Calista returned to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2013 and decided she wanted to train horses on my own. A good friend of Calista helped her start her own training business by gaining business using social media. It was a very slow start but eventually she did gain enough business to lease stalls at a small facility and really start full time training. Training horses and helping people understand their horses is a lifelong passion of Calista’s and she truly wouldn’t be happy doing anything else. 

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Maverik is a 5 year old American Quarter horse blue roan gelding with a white star on his head from Colorado Horse Rescue Network.

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