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Compassion meets hoofed hearts.

Not all rescue cases involve abuse and neglect. Encore and Nuzzo came to us from an individual who had cared for these two handsome geldings for many years. Due to unfortunate circumstances, their owner had to find a new home for her beloved horses. That’s how these two sweet geldings ended up at HAHS. 

Encore and Nuzzo are exceptionally sweet! They are a joy to lead, enjoy being groomed, and want nothing more than to receive attention and love. They were perfect patients for both the vet and the farrier. Although they have been here for only a few short weeks, they have already won over the hearts of the staff and volunteers at HAHS. 

Nuzzo is being adopted out as a pasture pal due to a prior injury. Encore, on the other hand, will be staying with us as an equine ambassador to educate the public about horse care, basic horsemanship, and eventually, riding skills. 

Helping hooved animal owners during times of hardship and being a helping hand is one of the many things HAHS provides to the equestrian community. Individuals like Encore and Nuzzo’s owner are doing their best and acting in the best interest of their animals when they reach out to us – and that takes courage and love. This is a reminder that HAHS is here to support hooved animal owners, whether it is through helping them find new homes for their beloved animals, providing aid through its Equine Assistance Program: Tiny’s Safety Net, education, moral support, or taking on hooved animals if no other options exist.

-Hooved Animal Humane Society


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