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Jayce has been around horses since she was born and training horses for as long as she can remember! Growing up her mother was a trainer and colt starter and owned numerous horses. She remembers spending much of her time loving on the new foals once they were born. Jayce started showing horses when she was two years old, and continued to show at the local saddle club. She ran for royalty and became the club’s Princess and Queen

numerous times. Riding, showing and training continued to be a part of her life as she has turned into a young adult.

Jayce started training horses at a young age, and has been told that she had a special gift for working with horses. She has started many colts, but has always had a soft spot for horses that were a challenge! She says they make her work that much harder to be a good trainer. Although she was not financially able to go, she was accepted to go to Germany to work with a training facility known for cutting.

Jayce’s training methods will forever be all natural! She lets them take the time they need to understand what is happening and let them understand

what their new responsibility is. When they drop their heads, lick their lips, and start blinking, you know they are starting to understand. Jayce gets a lot of her inspiration from watching trainers like Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Parelli Natural Horsemanship. She then incorporates her own techniques into the training. Jayce believes a horse will communicate with you if you pay close enough attention.

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Pharaoh is a 9 year old sorrel gelding with a white blaze that comes from Safe Landing Horse Rescue and stands at 16.3 H.

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