Spencer Bruce

2018 Equine Comeback Challenge Trainer


Spencer Bruce grew up south east of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Spencer spent summers as a kid working on his granddads ranch along with his mom and dad. After high school Spencer enlisted in the Air Force and was in for a few years. After that he returned home and began working with his dad starting colts and riding horses for people. Spencer’s dad taught him the methods of the late Ray Hunt that encourages people to see things from the horse’s point of view, to develop a way of horsemanship that is fair to the horse and to get the most of the horse by doing less. Spencer spent a few years with his dad traveling the country; he then started on a ranch in Montana that was a working cattle guest ranch. There he learned how to take his horsemanship skill he had learned and pass it onto other people in a way that made sense for them. Spencer taught and worked with people from all over the world from basic horse handling, roping, cow work, and advanced horsemanship. From there he began working on his own, traveling around helping people with their horses and advancing their horsemanship skills. It’s been almost 10 years since Spencer started out with his dad on this journey and he is very thankful for where he is today. Spencer still has the deep desire to help people with their horses and to see both horse and rider succeed and is very much looking forward to what life still has in store.

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Pete the Paint is a 9 year old sorrel paint gelding with a white blaze form C.H.E.E.R Equine Rescue. 

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