Tara Bartolome

2018 Equine Comeback Challenge Trainer


Tara Bartolome was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. And as far back as she can remember she has always been horse crazy for the difficult horse. Feeling like she needed to help them; Tara got her first horse, an Arabian cross when she was four years old. Every weekend was spent taking lessons, riding or just hanging out at the barn cleaning stalls and doing anything that had to do with being around horses. Growing up on an island, which is home to Parker Ranch, there was always a lot of opportunities to be submerged in horses and cattle. Tara spent every moment learning everything she could about horses. During the summers, she would take jobs giving trail rides, and exercising people’s horses, and that eventually led her to teaching kids to ride, and running a small program. When she moved to Colorado, Tara got involved in hunter jumpers, which she enjoyed. She eventually ended up working with a very talented trainer, and from there Tara discovered the vaquero training methods, and this new way of communicating. What took off from there was successes and a training business.

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Reign is a 5 year old grey mare from Charis Youth Ranch, she has a good mind and sweet temperament.

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