Trevor Allen

2018 Equine Comeback Challenge Trainer


Trevor Allen is a native of Colorado. He started to pursue his talent for horse training at an early age. Trevor was born and raised around horses and as a teenager started to develop the necessary skills to understand and communicate with the animals he loved.

Trevor has been training horses for 12 years now working on south Texas cattle ranches and learning from genuine horsemen to continue to advance his skills to an even higher level. He gained additional knowledge breaking young colts.

“To me it’s amazing to learn the personality of each individual colt I am starting. What I love most about this job is that every horse is different and as a trainer I have to be constantly learning and trying new things.” Trevor says, “I take great pride in seeing a horse progress from a young colt, to a first ride. And the first day you ride them for a day of work on the ranch, to the day they become a solid, dependable, riding horse.”

Trevor’s basic principles are: gaining respect of the horse as the most important aspect of basic training and then working toward building my own reputation of being able to train an ‘un-trainable’ horse.

Twister is a 5 year old quarter horse gelding from Safe Landing Horse Rescue. He was rescued from Lousiana as a “pet” with no training but a good temperment. Safe Landing Horse Rescue Facebook 

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