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April 19, 2015

Mariah Hammerschmidt

*UPDATE: Yesterday, A Home for Every Horse released our announcement to bring the Equine Comeback Challenge back to the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, this time using only off-the-track Thoroughbreds. A Home for Every Horse is an organization dedicated to helping horse rescues, along with highlighting the ability of rescue horses all over the country to become willing equine partners when given a second chance. We are excited to announce the Equine Comeback Challenge will now be an all-breed off-the-track competition. The Equine Comeback Challenge is a program designed to promote rescue horses from all backgrounds and strives to provide a competition field that includes horses that are as uniform as possible. 

A Home for Every Horse realizes that many off-the-track horses have never seen a track to race for a variety of reasons. The horses involved in the Equine Comeback Challenge will include all breeds that were bred and raised with the intent to race, including those that have never seen a racetrack and those that have seen a racetrack. Horses competing may only have track training experience and cannot have any continued under-saddle training after their track training.

We at A Home for Every Horse continue to be grateful for the passion and enthusiasm you all show for horses in need of a forever home, and we always look forward to your feedback on ways we can continue to improve programs like the Equine Comeback Challenge.

Boulder, Colo. – A Home for Every Horse is excited to announce their fourth Equine Comeback Challenge to be held at the 2015 Pennsylvania National Horse Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. A Home for Every Horse will pair rescue horses with trainers for 90 days of training in preparation for a one-of-a-kind competition. The trainers, who will start working with their horses in mid-July, will converge to compete at the Equine Comeback Challenge on Tuesday, October 13, 2015. Following the Challenge event, the horses will be sold privately, by the trainer, to approved homes, and each will be listed as available rescue horses on

A Home for Every Horse is excited to introduce a new format for the Equine Comeback Challenge permitting trainers to select their rescue horse partner for the competition. This new format allows trainers to select a horse that matches their training style and allows rescue facilities to meet trainers and form a continued working relationship. In addition to a new pairing format for the Equine Comeback Challenge, all of the participating horses will be Off the Track Thoroughbreds between the ages of 3 and 10 years old. The Equine Comeback Challenge strives to promote the trainability of rescue horses across the country which includes adding value to horses that previously were listed as unwanted.

As one of the largest indoor horse shows in the United States, the Pennsylvania National Horse Show provides the opportunity for rescue horses to shine in a big way. Along with a new trainer and horse pairing format, the Equine Comeback Challenge will be inviting trainers as well as accepting applications from trainers. This year at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show you can count on watching previous Equine Comeback Challenge trainers as well as meeting new trainers who are taking the time to make a difference for a rescue horse.

A Home for Every Horse’s generous partners are on board to help with A Home for Every Horse’s East Coast Equine Comeback Challenge in a big way; Purina will be providing feed coupons for bags of grain to each trainer to help the horses achieve optimum performance condition, and Zoetis will be providing Zoetis Strongid Paste to each trainer for their 90 day training period. Tractor Supply Company will also be providing gift cards for each of the trainers and is the go to one stop shop for all of your equipment needs during the Equine Comeback Challenge. WeatherBeeta will be providing donations to the forever home each horse finds after the competition. and the Active Interest Media Equine Network have joined forces with the American Horse Council’s Unwanted Horse Coalition to launch A Home for Every Horse Project. If you want more information on rescue horses or you want to locate a rescue near you, please check out

This project helps find homes for America’s 170,000 to 200,000 horses in need of care and shelter. Here’s how it works: Begin the search for your next equine partner at You can search horses waiting for homes at nonprofit shelters across the country. Browse by rescue horse, or find a rescue organization in your area.

•Visit the site’s “services” section to learn about your local rescue organizations. Find out how you can volunteer, donate, or simply spread the word.
•Look for upcoming stories on related to horse rescue.

If your 501(c)(3) rescue organization would like to join the A Home for Every Horse project please fill out the online application at is part of the Active Interest Media Equine Network.

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