Equine Comeback Challenge Update - Kiss My Sass

Story from Kiss My Sass Aka Aida’s new family:


Since we adopted “Aida”, we’ve had such a wonderful experience getting to learn about her personality. She is stabled in a barn with a lot of other horses so she’s been getting to know them quite well. She’s in lessons every week for dressage, and has a beautiful trot, and a quick cantor. She’s even entered into her first dressage schooling show this weekend. She’s easy to catch in turn out, and has plenty of room to explore with arenas, cross country jumping area, and trails galore. Each day she gets easier to understand. And each day we see what a blessing she’s been to us. She’s a patient horse, has a wonderful disposition, and loves to get horse massages. 

Thank you “A Home for Every Horse” for offering rescue horses a way to “Come Back” through the Equine Comeback Challenge. 

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