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The EWDC Ambassador Program is an opportunity for certification organizations, grant funding parties, transport partnerships, horse councils, and other supervisory groups that assist equines at-risk and in transition but do not take direct custody of animals, to take part in the EWDC through engagement of their own member base and providing essential EWDC program feedback.


1. Create opportunities for organizations that do not take equines into custody to be an impacting part of the EWDC

2. Increase data contribution through secondary member engagement of supervisory organizations 


A free EWDC membership program for supervisory groups with the overarching goal to increase data contribution.

Member benefits: 

    •  Title of “EWDC Ambassador”, badge for website
    • Input opportunities regarding survey design, data reporting, and program strategy
    • Early access to reports, including customized reports
    • Biannual member roundtable discussions
    • EWDC educational bulletins to share with community 


Contact Program Manager Emily Stearns via email (EWDC@HorseCouncil.Com). The Ambassador Program, like all aspects of the EWDC, is free to participate. Contact us for details on how to join today! 

  1. Sharing data needs with the EWDC that would help the Ambassador make a greater impact within their own community
  2. Aiding in development of written reports through reporting needs, formatting, and methods of data display to help increase usability within the community
  3. Location (National, Federal Census Region, State)
  4. Population descriptors
  5. Intake/Outcome categories
  6. Trends within the community
  7. Any other correlations based on questions listed in the Annotated Survey Guide


Title of “EWDC Ambassador”

An EWDC Ambassador is an organization that doesn’t take custody of equines but strives to assist those at-risk or in transition through other methods. An EWDC Ambassador understands the need to comprehend the scope of this issue and supports the EWDC by disseminating information to their base, advocating for the EWDC among peers to increase survey participation, and using the data reports to help improve programs and promote education within the community. The EWDC Member Badge is proudly displayed on the Ambassador’s website.

Survey and Reporting Input

Ambassadors will have the opportunity to provide input to the EWDC regarding survey design, data reporting, and program strategy. This includes:

Access to Reports

Ambassadors will have access to preliminary data reports and first access to official reports before the general public. Access to reports will include the ability to receive customized reports based on:

Biannual Member Round Table Discussions

Round table discussions are held each spring and fall before official reports are released. These discussions are for participating members and include an EWDC status update, preliminary data report, and open Q&A feedback opportunity. All member webinars are recorded so those members who are unable to attend can watch.

Information Packages

The EWDC recognizes that sharing information about our program is key to encouraging data contributions. We will provide Ambassadors with the educational materials needed to help them educate their base about the goals and methods of the EWDC. 

 Action Checklist

Complete the following actions to become an EWDC Ambassador!

EWDC Ambassadors share the common goal of educating the equine community about at-risk equines and those in transition through demonstrated support of the Equine Welfare Data Collective. The EWDC Ambassador Program is always free to participate. Active Ambassadors will be listed on the EWDC website.

Ambassador Actions:

  •  Contact EWDC Program Manager Emily Stearns (EWDC@HorseCouncil.Org) to create your member profile (This must be done only your inaugural year as an Ambassador) ➢ Your member profile will include basic questions such as your organization’s main point of contact, general mission, and preferred methods of communication.
  1. Agree to a minimum biannual communication to your member base about EWDC Surveys ➢ Our survey is updated twice yearly and collects data year-round
  2.  Communications involving the EWDC are made through your organization’s preferred method of contact (newsletters, email campaigns, social media, etc) but must be shared with the EWDC
  3. Agree to a minimum biannual communication to your member base about EWDC Official Reports ➢ Our official reports are published twice yearly and contain analysis of the most recent data collection round
  • Attend 1 Member Round Table Webinar ➢ Our Member Round Table Webinars occur biannually in conjunction with EWDC Reports
  • Member Round Table Webinars are an opportunity to learn status updates on the EWDC, hear a preliminary data report on the most recent collection round, and provide necessary feedback on program initiatives
  • Post our badge on your website ➢ Our member badge is great to demonstrate your pride as an EWDC Ambassador!
  • Provide crucial feedback ➢ Respond to occasional surveys and participate in key input opportunities (such as our webinars) to help us identify areas of growth within our programs 

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