Rescue Success Stories

5K Run Leads Woman's Feet To Her Heart Horse(s)

Story written by Courtney Thompson, submitted by Hope’s Legacy Rescue History of Horses I started riding horses when I was just five years old. At age nine, I started asking my parents for a horse of my own. My dad, who grew up on a dairy farm, suggested we get […]

brown rescue horse with his damn

Rescue Success Stories

Sherman The Tank

Story submitted by adopter Bebe Edwards Sherman was born at the Horse Protection Association of Florida (HPAF) farm. His mother Tequila and four other horses had been seized by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office and then relinquished to Horse Protection the week before. Sherman was stout and tough from the […]

Rescue Success Stories

Gabriel, the Blind Horse

Gabriels story is sadly full of abuse and abandonment but not to fear, that is not his entire story. Spoiler alert! The story ends with him thriving in his forever home.

Rescue Success Stories

Salsa Dances to a New Beginning at Mountain Valley Horse Rescue

Although their ranch was full, Mountain Valley Horse Rescue knew this emaciated pair of horses in dire condition needed their help.


WeatherBeeta Blankets Every Horse at Equine Outreach Rescue

Blankets play a vital role in the welfare of rescue horses. Rescue horses often start out as malnourished, abused, neglected or abandoned. This puts them at a great risk to the elements of Mother Nature. Keeping them warm and protected from harsh weather greatly improves the time it takes to […]

Adoption 101

Horse Adoption: Owning Responsibly and What That Means

There are two things that often come to mind when thinking of horse ownership: how incredibly rewarding it can be, and how overwhelming the responsibility of owning a horse can be at times.

Adoption 101

Is Horse Ownership Right For You?

You might be questioning - is horse ownership right for me? Here are some topics to consider before purchasing or adopting an equine.

Rescue Success Stories

Veteran Makes all the Difference Volunteering

Curtis, in his late 70's, a Vietnam Veteran, and an active horseman (or in his words, "a try to be horseman").Because of the pandemic, we also had to cut back on our staff, on our horse in take, and overall, our annual budget to stay afloat as we didn't know how it was going to effect the rescue as a whole. Rain, snow, wind, it didn't matter, Curtis came out every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to muck pens and stall, feed the senior horses and give meds to those that needed it, help winterize the equipment, groom the horses, whatever needed to be done that day, he did it!

Rescue Success Stories

Dharma - How Did You Know I Needed You

Story submitted by Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary. "It was just two weeks after I lost my heart horse, and I was absolutely reeling. I didn't know which way was up or how I was going to go on.How did you know I needed you?"

Rescue News

The Foundation for the Horse Providing $10,000 in Matching Funds for Australia Wildfire Relief

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Giulia Garcia, AAEP Communications Coordinator [email protected] or (859) 233-0147  The Foundation for the Horse is accepting aid through its Disaster Relief Fund to support veterinarians working with wildlife, horses and other livestock affected by the Australia wildfires, which have taken an unimaginable toll on the nation […]