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February 1, 2017


Each year, hundreds of thousands of horses are transitioned from career or ownership. A growing number of these horses end up at risk of inhumane treatment. The Right Horse Initiative, led by the WaterShed Animal Fund, has been developed to unify horse industry professionals, equine welfare advocates, and the broader horse loving public to improve the lives of horses in transition.

When I first heard a presentation by staff at the WaterShed Animal Fund, I was so very excited. They talked about how there aren’t enough resources for owners or low-cost options for end-of-life. They talked about the need for strong collaboration among members of industry and better marketing. They discussed the need to steer away from divisive issues and create a more optimistic language around horses in transition. They talked about the need to share positive stories… to think outside of the box… to invest in programs… and to become a unified voice for the horse.

Yes. A resounding yes! 

Since coming on board at the UHC almost a year ago, I’ve seen the coalition focus on the positive, to identify what is working, and encourage industry-related groups to find a model that works for them. The new UHC Roundup and Join the Effort publication are just two examples. Every owner and horse lover is part of the solution, and together we can find and fund ways to help every horse have a purpose and to live a healthy life until they cross the rainbow bridge peacefully.

There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people who would like to own and care for a horse. We want to help new owners know what it means to “own responsibly” and to help them find the right horse. This is why I was ecstatic when the UHC was invited to join The Right Horse Initiative. 

The Right Horse Initiative promotes horse adoption as one of the preferred methods of finding your next (or first) horse. This unique partnership will commit the time, talent, and resources to promote horse adoption through education, training, and public awareness on a national level. Together we are working to achieve our goal to massively increase the number of horse adoptions nationwide.

As a partner in The Right Horse Initiative, we’re proud to support a national movement reframing the conversation about equine adoption and emphasize the bond between horses and humans. We are good people for good horses, and everyone who loves horses has ownership in this movement.

Join us!

To learn more about The Right Horse Initiative, visit the

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