Helping one of our own

Terolyn Horse Rescue Fundraiser

Terolyn Horse Rescue is a close member of A Home for Every Horse. Not only have they participated in the Equine Comeback Challenge for the last two years, but they’re also AHFEH neighbors, located in nearby Elizabeth, Colorado. Though Colorado winters usually mean heavy snows with plenty of moisture, this past winter was unusually dry, bringing with it drought conditions and an increased risk of fire.

On March 17, 2018, a grass fire raged through Elbert Country, burning down the house of Teri Allen, founder and owner of Terolyn Horse Rescue. In times of adversity and misfortune, we are reminded how amazing our horse community truly is—they have done an incredible job rallying behind Terri and her family to support the rescue and help them rebuild. One of our very own Equine Comeback Trainers Mark Brashear will be hosting a two-day fundraising clinic at Terolyn Horse Rescue, with all proceeds going back to the rescue. This is a great opportunity to not only learn about horsemanship from a talented trainer but also to support the rescue community.


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