The Bond

Fiona, a 10 year old Clydesdale mare, was surrendered in June of 2012 to the Colorado Horse Rescue Network. When she stepped off the trailer she was extremely emaciated, she came from a home where she was pastured on sand and was continuously getting sand colic from ingesting sand. From the second she arrived at Kathryn’s home, Katheryn knew she was going to live with her forever.


Since 2012, Fiona has gained hundreds of pounds and triple that in personality! Kathryn has never felt a connection similar to the one she has with Fiona. Fiona is broke to ride and together Kathryn and Fiona have grown as horse and rider. Fiona loves to be a trail horse; they have photographed several trail rides and even got to photograph The Best of America by Horseback Television show when the show came to Old Cow Town Colorado.


The love that Fiona and Kathryn share is a true bond between a saved rescue horse and her new forever home.

-Story submitted by Kathryn Ory of Colorado

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