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August 28, 2012–As part of a continued commitment to improving the welfare of horses, WeatherBeeta has announced that a portion of all proceeds from their customer’s purchase of any WeatherBeeta product will support an initiative to outfit horses recently adopted through Equine Network’s A Home for Every Horse. Beginning August 13, 2012, WeatherBeeta will donate a new WeatherBeeta blanket bearing the A Home for Every Horse logo with an initial donation to each of the next 250 horses, ponies or donkeys adopted through the program.

New owners of horses adopted through A Home for Every Horse will have the opportunity to select a blanket based on the horse’s needs and will choose from a wide range of sizes and styles. “WeatherBeeta’s collection of full season sheets and blankets cover all types of horses and dogs through every season of the year -and, into every stage of their life?much like A Home For Every Horse. Our support of this worthy cause is simply a natural fit.” said Gabriel Sperber, Director of Marketing for WeatherBeeta USA. “Thanks in large part to the loyal support of our caring customers, WeatherBeeta will donate new blankets and contribute funding associated with the shipping and handling costs to each new adopter. We then look forward to continuing our relationship with the owner and their new horse with on-going special offers. We are truly excited to help give in a sustainable way with an eye toward a brighter future for horses and horse owners.”


In addition to providing protection and comfort for newly rescued horses, the donated blankets will also increase awareness about A Home for Every Horse and unwanted horses. WeatherBeeta has pledged to introduce over 2,000,000 horse lovers to A Home For Every Horse over the next 18 months by including the program’s logo on every blanket package, sending informational forms through national retail partnerships, and by creating awareness through nontraditional marketing and advertising. A portion of all proceeds from every WeatherBeeta product will enable the long-term support of horses that are part of A Home for Every Horse.

A Home for Every Horse is a joint effort with The American Horse Council’s Unwanted Horse Coalition, which seeks to place, foster and sponsor America’s 170,000 unwanted horses. Partners of A Home for Every Horse include Tractor Supply Company, Purina Mills, WeatherBeeta, the Bureau of Land Management and W.F. Young. Nonprofit rescue organizations can post free listings on, the industry’s largest website for buying and selling horses, trailers and farms. The Equine Network is using its connection with more than 1.5 million horse owners each month to promote the program. The company recently launched, featuring stories about rescue efforts and recued horses.

“WeatherBeeta saw the Home For Every Horse program and recognized that we both share the same core values?so, we naturally wanted to help in any way we could” said Darren Mann, President of WeatherBeeta, USA. “People understandably get tears in their eyes when they recognize that there are more than 170,000 horses in need and only one in ten have a chance of being placed. There are people helping to rescue these horses?people WeatherBeeta wants to help support in the best way we can?by providing every horse with the care, comfort and protection they deserve.”

To learn more about A Home for Every Horse, and the situation of America’s horses in need of care and shelter and to view horses available for adoption, please go to

To learn how to sign up to list your shelter’s horses through A Home for Every Horse if you are a 501(c)(3), please go to ?

To learn about sponsoring A Home for Every Horse on, contact Dave Andrick: (717) 303-3790 ext. 1002,

For more information about unwanted horses in America, please go to

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