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Shoreview, Minn. [November 5, 2016] – Vince Lombardi once said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” In the spring of 2016, six horses living in darkness were given a second change to get back on their feet and find a life of happiness at a horse rescue in Cochranton, Pennsylvania.


In May, Bev Dee at Bright Futures Farm was contacted about assisting in the rescue of several starving horses. The horses were locked in a barn living in deplorable conditions for at least three years, never seeing the light of day. From there, six horses began their long journey through rehabilitation.

“The farm at Bright Futures is a sanctuary,” says Dee. “Our team takes the worst cases because we can devote the time necessary to rehabilitating horses. In this case, I honestly didn’t even know if some of them were going to make the 20-minute trailer ride to our barn,” says Dee.

The six horses taken into rehabilitation had fighting hearts. Although they arrived knocked down, their will to live was nurtured by medical care and nutrition to turn a heart-wrenching situation into Cinderella stories.


After many months of personalized case, two of the rehabilitated horses, Jet and Addie, have found forever homes with the family responsible for discovering them and saving their lives. A stallion, Tanner, is in the homestretch of overcoming his ulcers. The mares, Journey and Inga, have remained together and are continuing to gain weight and thrive. 

All the horses have found homes except for one: a 16-year-old Rocky Mountain Stallion named Cider.

Cider’s Journey
Cider arrived to Bright Futures after being suspended from the barn rafters in a sling. He received wound care for bedsores, skin care for dermatitis, extensive dental work and emergency farrier care.

Cider is a rescue horse saved by Bev Dee and her team of volunteers at Bright Futures Farm. Following frequent dental and farrier appointments to improve his body condition, Cider is now awaiting adoption and starting groundwork in preparation for a rider.

Nutrition has donated more than $425,000 to participating rescue shelters, amounting to more than 800 tons of feed. 

To learn more about feeding rescue horses, connect with Purina Animal Nutrition and A Home for Every Horse at www.purinamills.com/horse-feed or Purina Horse Feed on Facebook and Twitter.

Purina Animal Nutrition LLC (www.purinamills.com) is a national organization serving producers, animal owners and their families through morethan 4,700 local cooperatives, independent dealers and other large retailers throughout the United States. Driven to unlock the greatest potential in every animal, the company is an industry-leading innovator offering a valued portfolio of complete feeds, supplements, premixes, ingredients and specialty technologies for the livestock and lifestyle animal markets. Purina Animal Nutrition LLC is headquartered in Shoreview, Minn. And a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, Inc.

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