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We want to share with you some stories and photos about some of the rescued horses who live at our DoubleHP Sanctuary & Learning Center (501c3 Horse Help Providers, Inc.) in South Dakota. We are possibly the oldest horse rescue in South Dakota. We organized in 2001 and received our 501c3 more than 10 years ago. We have rescued and helped to re-home hundreds of horses over the years, and we are available to assist Law Enforcement in cases involving horses.

And here is a photo of HotShot taken Dec. 16, 2016, going for a romp in the snow before heading back to the barn for supper and shelter from the below-zero temps. that we are experiencing here in South Dakota.

Through our Volunteer and Horsemanship programs, we help people learn about horse care, horse costs, horse behavior, safety, and riding. But what we spend most of our time and money on is caring for the 14 rescued horses who live here. These are horses who were not adopted or were adopted but returned. Slightly more than half of our rescued horses are emotionally, mentally & physically sound; and they help people learn in our horsemanship program. We have both riding and non-riding activities. All of the horses here are very much loved and have been promised a forever home here.

HotShot, OTTB

HotShot will be 27 in 2017! (We were a year off on his age, but this year we took a look at his Jockey Club papers so now we have his official age.) His big story this year is that the day before the Kentucky Derby, one of our local TV stations called to see if they could come out and do a horse story for Derby Day. When I told them about HotShot, they were very interested. So they came out and ended up staying for four hours! When we took a look at HotShot’s official papers, we learned that one of his great grandpas was Bold Ruler. This made an excellent Derby Day story for KDLT.

Here is a photo of KDLT Reporter Jack Eble. HotShot knew it was his day, and he loved the cameras and attention.

Jewel, APHA

We rescued Jewel as an untouched 2-year-old. She has always been pretty right-brained and requires a very confident rider. This year, we HAD a confident rider in our barn for a few months. Olivia, a traveling nurse, was in our area for a few months and hung out with us on her days off. She and Jewel hit it off famously, and Jewel even got to go on her first trail ride and acted like she had been on a hundred trail rides.

This photo is Olivia and Jewel at Newton Hills State Park near Canton, SD in August 2016.

Lily, APHA

Lily was rescued from severe starvation as an untrained 3-yr-old. Her owner left Lily and friend out in an open field in a South Dakota winter, with no food, no water, no shelter. Lily’s friend died, but Lily somehow survived. Nobody adopted Lily when we offered her. Her future was too unpredictable. She had had no hoof care and was not sound. We gave Lily a home here with us and have watched her bloom over the years. This year she and her human partner officially graduated from Parelli Level 3. They scored a 3++ on their Liberty audition in September 2016 and are now advancing through their Level 4. 

Lily and Darci in 2016.

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