Gabriel, the Blind Horse

Story submitted by Jeff R, Gabriel’s Owner 

Gabriels story is sadly full of abuse and abandonment but not to fear, that is not his entire story. He was taken in at three months old by someone who wasn’t experienced or equipped to handle him and was looked down on because of his blindness. He then ended up with a hoarder who was afraid of him. He spent more than two years confined to an 8×8 stall, which was never cleaned. When the hoarder’s horses were seized and sent to a new location several professional trainers evaluated Gabriel as dangerous and untrainable. 

Gabriel ended up at the equine rescue, Bertell Farms. Knowing that Jeff had worked with several blind horses, he was contacted after Gabriel was gelded and requested that he work with him.

Jeff riding Gabriel 

The goal was to get him halter broke and manageable, so that rescue volunteers could handle him safely. After a few sessions at the rescue, Jeff suggested that he might make more progress if he fostered him at his barn, as he could work with him more frequently.

He quickly exceeded all of Jeff’s expectations. Giving him his trust and enjoying attention, he allowed him to lunge and ground drive him, which led to saddle work and pulling a cart, and in time a forever home! 

Jeff driving Gabriel 

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