HotShot: 29 and handsome as ever

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We like to update you on HotShot every year. He enjoys 10 pounds of Purina Senior Feed every single day of the year! HotShot will be 29 in 2019! We rescued him directly from his owner/breeder, who was going to send him to slaughter when he injured tendons in both front legs as a racing 3-year-old. So we have been caring for HotShot now for about 25 years! (way before we were an official rescue/sanctuary). 

Rescue Horse Success Story: HotShot

Most days HotShot is out with the herd during the day and he’s in a huge stall at night, with his 10 lbs of Purina Senior Feed, about 5 lbs of fourth-cutting alfalfa (very soft and leafy), soaked alfalfa cubes, and as much grass hay as he wants. He gets his teeth checked twice a year. He is a slow, picky eater and is missing a few chompers, so having his own buffet at night all to himself and out of the wind is very important to him.

Below picture: Tess is a 4th year college student with eyes on going on to Vet school. She came and helped us with chores for a while this year when her schedule allowed her to.

HotShot & Tess

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