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Justice came to Faith Equine Rescue as a stray from the Polk County Sheriff’s Department. She was found roaming the streets of Frostproof, Florida, no owner ever stepped up for her. She was one of our first rescues to come in to Faith Equine Rescue. Justice had a “popped eye” but it did not seem to bother her any. Not knowing any of her history as rescues usually do not the cause of the injury was unknown. Justice was always a loving mare and very willing. One of our foster’s stepped up and offered to “foster” Justice after we had her for about a year. This mare was special, and Anna our foster realized it just as we did. The popped eye made her less adoptable as many folks did not want to deal with it. Anna took her home and one of the first things she completed was having the eye removed and permanently shut. Not long after the surgery Justice received an injury in the pasture from another horse and required leg surgery.


Justice healed from leg surgery and Dressage training began. Not only is Justice being shown in Dressage (photo above), she is being used in a handicap riding program that Anna and her family operate. Faith Equine Rescue could not be more proud of Justice and what she has accomplished. It is because of a foster that believed in Justice and gave her the chance she so deserved that she is now living at her forever home.

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