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Kit and Bea unfortunately have not always had lives filled with rainbows and sprinkles. Kit’s owner died and her and her sister Kate went to a new foster home. Life was good until Kate started to pick on Kit and not let her eat. Kit is blind but had been for a few years so it was strange. Then the couple divorced and Kit came to This Old Horse. At first she went in a paddock with another blind horse named Dude. He was infatuated. Well, it lasted for two weeks. Dude is a bit curmudgeony and with Kit always running into him, he was not a happy boy and would kick and bite her. Kit was stalled for a while to help her gain weight and hopefully feel more settled. She went back outside with Talia but Talia had hoof problems and had to stay in. So Kit was by the mustang mares but all alone. 

Bea arrived at This Old Horse while Kit was hanging outside alone. She is a mustang with stunning blue eyes. She was adopted and then sold and then given away and given away again. Life was not working out for her. One person even stopped feeding her because she was afraid of her. Finally someone saw her and brought Bea to where she boarded her horse. Bea could only be there for a short time but she did gain weight and was worked with. Once Bea could longer stay there, she came to This Old Horse. Bea was put between the mustangs and Kit thinking that eventually she would integrate into the mustang herd. But Bea was not interested in them. She and Kit were always at the fence line together. After a few weeks, the decision was to see how they would do together. It was magical. Bea looked out for Kit and Kit brought Bea’s energy down. 

Maybe life has not always been rainbows sprinkles for Kit and Bea but there was a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow and that pot was Kit and Bea. Love is good.

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