MacKenzie's Story at Voice for Horses Rescue Network


Meet Mackenzie Kennedy. Diana Murphy at Voice for Horses Rescue Network met MacKenzie in 2012. She was a shy 11 year old girl who would only look at the horses from a gate and would not enter the barn at Voice for Horses Rescue Network. She slowly began to come into the barn and look at horses in the stall from a distance. Mackenzie then fell in love with a 25 year old Arabian mare named Silver Goddess who came in from an alleged Arabian rescue who said that they could not afford to feed her or the other four Arabian horses that came with her. Goddess was 350 pounds under weight and this made MacKenzie very upset. She started to show her compassion for the horses who came into the rescue in need of help. Over the next two years she has blossomed from a shy and timid girl who was afraid of horses into a great little volunteer; MacKenzie now will go into the pasture to retrieve a horse, will hold a horse for a bath, will pick out a horses feet, give treats, groom, cleans stalls stacks hay, pasture duty and so much more. MacKenzie knows her limits and what she can handle which is a big change from 2012.

The best part of this story is that MacKenzie adopted Silver Goddess who is now 27 years old and has arthritic changes in her knees, the horse that she bonded with that taught her strength and compassion.

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