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Godspeed, as defined in the dictionary means for God to speed you home and a wish for success and prosperity. In its first week of officially opening its doors, Godspeed Horse Hostel, Inc. of Amenia, NY, a non-profit 501-C-3 horse rescue, did just that.

This story is a series of incredible coincidences that resulted in an Exmoor pony getting adopted within days of the horse rescue being contacted, AND more unbelievable was that he was adopted to a farm that already owned his mother and brother.

With the help of Maria Disalvo of North Ridge Farm in Patterson, NY, this 12 year-old English Exmoor pony was rescued from an educational farm that due to budget cuts was forced to make the decision to send the pony to an uncertain future. After hearing about this, Mrs. Disalvo immediately went to the aid of this pony and brought him back to her farm. Although in good condition, the pony had been living on this farm for 10 years and had no formal training. Needless to say, this would be a hard horse to place in a new home. Mrs. Disalvo decided to rescue the pony with intentions of finding it a new home, knowing in the end that she may have to keep him herself.

Mrs. Disalvo contacted Godspeed Horse Hostel founder Maria Genovesi and asked her to come see the pony. Mrs. Disalvo explained that the pony was very well bred and had registration papers bearing the name Cabbage Hill Bangel. That evening when Ms. Genovesi got home a newspaper article was left for her to read. Godspeed Horse Hostel had recently donated the “high-point rider” award to a local horse show at the Kildonan School in Amenia, NY. The local newspaper covered the event and wrote an article with a photograph for the front page. The organizer of the show had dropped a copy of the article at Ms. Genovesi’s home for her to read. The article had thanked the rescue for the generous donation. On the cover of the newspaper was the picture of an Exmoor pony named Cabbage Hill Galahad. Ms. Genovesi proceeded to call the show organizer for the name and number of the person who owned that pony. The answering machine was for a farm named Exmoor Ponies of North America located in Litchfield, CT. After speaking with the manager Lisa Wojan, it was established that this pony was the brother and son of her two ponies. Godspeed Horse Hostel quickly got Mrs. Disalvo and Ms. Wojan together to speak and within days Mrs. Disalvo delivered Cabbage Hill Bangel to his new home.

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