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Quixote is a Thoroughbred/Andalusian cross that Hanaeleh took in about four years ago. He was a three-day eventer, and was purchased by a family who quickly became afraid of him, to the point that they were too fearful to take him out of his stall. He stood in his stall for two years, and became completely unmanageable. When Hanaeleh finally interceded, Quixote needed to be handled in the same way that we handle wild Mustangs.

Quixote also was very underweight when he came to Hanaeleh. 

Quixote before

We allowed him the opportunity to run and play, but this only dropped his weight more. We were feeding him more than double the amount of food that we normally give to our horses, and it took a few years before his weight finally evened out.

One of the ways we were able to keep his weight stable is by feeding him between three to six pounds of Purina Senior feed, mixed in with two to four pounds of beet pulp. Currently he is on three pounds of Purina Senior feed and only one pound of beet pulp, and his weight has remained steady (he’s even a little plump!), even going into the winter season. He loves his grain and eats it all without an issue.

Quixote after

Quixote now is a happy, healthy, friendly horse. He still loves to play around in the arena, and will even “help” the volunteers clean his stall by picking up the full buckets of manure and throwing them around. He will also reach over his stall and grab his halter so he can swing it around, or will pick it up off the ground when he is turned out in the arena. He is a very silly horse!

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