Cosmo and Domino – double trouble

Reading Time: 2 minutes Story submitted by Far View Horse Rescue  It is not uncommon to look at the north-east pasture and see two young blue roans tearing down the fence-line, hooves kicking up clouds of snow, manes flying back to show fuzzy white freeze brands. Domino and Cosmo came to us within the span of a month: both […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes Story submitted by Hanaeleh  Quixote is a Thoroughbred/Andalusian cross that Hanaeleh took in about four years ago. He was a three-day eventer, and was purchased by a family who quickly became afraid of him, to the point that they were too fearful to take him out of his stall. He stood in his stall for […]

Spirit – a story of helping each other

Reading Time: < 1 minute Story submitted by Horse Help Providers, Inc. We rescued Spirit from starvation when he was a weanling. Spirit has helped a lot of people figure out a lot of stuff. This year he helped Karyne overcome her fears related to a dog attack that she experienced. She was chased and bit multiple times and the […]


Reading Time: 2 minutes Story submitted by Riversong Ranch Rescue  At Riversong Ranch Rescue, we take in horses of all walks of life. In doing so, we have the pleasure of healing and being healed by the gentle giants that cross our path. One such horse was not exactly a giant, but he certainly was gentle. Butterscotch came into […]

ReplayPolo Helps Retired Polo Ponies Find Their Second Career

Reading Time: 4 minutes Story submitted by Replaypolo and written by Brittany Halstead  Polo is a very demanding sport that requires an equine athlete to be exceptionally agile and balanced, exhibit a great work ethic and be acutely responsive to the rider’s aids and body language. Eventually these athletes reach the point of retirement in their professional career. Even […]