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Indy the gorgeous geriatric Morgan gelding was surrendered to Refuge Ranch Ministries in 2014 because he was aging and had developed a thyroid condition & heaves. He has been “dieted” to an alarming 1 flake of hay a.m./p.m. and 1 “handful” of feed. He developed further complications including a terrible sinus infection prohibiting him from eating/drinking properly.


After many weeks turned into months of fighting for him to regain his health, he’s rebounded BEAUTIFULLY! Indy is a barn favorite and starts many students out in gaining or regaining confidence around horses and in the saddle. And it turns out you can indeed teach an “old dog” new tricks! Indy has now developed a love for Cross Country jumping at age 25!!

It hurts his rescuer’s heart to know that after being with his owner for 15+ years he was no longer wanted because they didn’t have the time or resources for him. She’s so thankful for rescue organizations that give these one-in-a-millions another chance!!!

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