Rescue Rebound Winner - Potato

Rescue horses have amazing rebound stories, read about how Potato made a rebound!

Potato came to Cortney in August 2015 as an untrained youngster from a feedlot in Idaho. He was underweight and had a severe case of strangles. For the first week, it was touch-and-go, and no one was sure that he would make it. Being in quarantine and isolated from other horses made it even harder for him.


When it was time for Potato to be released from quarantine, a test showed that he was still carrying the strangles bacteria. He had to stay in quarantine and undergo a month of antibiotics to get well! Finally, he was able to join the herd! Being Potato’s sole caregiver during his ordeal led him and Cortney to have a very strong bond. He loves to go hiking with her at liberty, and last fall he was trained under saddle. After a year of conditioning, Potato did his first endurance ride, a limited distance ride, in July. He finished last, but happy and healthy. They continue to enjoy the trails together and continue their partnership as best friends. His gentle nature and warrior spirit make him the horse of a lifetime.

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