Speck is 34 years young

Story submitted by Old West Special Trails

I would like to introduce you to Speck. He is 34 years on and has been retired for a few years now. During his time at Old West Special Trails he meant a lot to many riders. Speck was taken all over Tennessee for small children to have pony rides. Speck was gentle and loved being groomed. Speck taught many children not to fear horses and to love being around them. Speck participated in teaching beginner lessons to young children. 


Pictured above are Speck and Linden. Linden, 5yrs old was a patient at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, and she dreamed of riding a horse. She and her family came to Old West Special Trails for an evening to be cowgirls and to ride horses. Linden named her stuffed pony Speck after their special night together. Linden soon after passed away but Speck made her smile and fulfilled her dream of riding a horse.

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