Spirit at Horse Help Providers, Inc.and his sponsor Christina


A Home for Every Horse received a story from Horse Help Providers, Inc (DoubleHP) about their program that allows rescue horses to have horsemanship partners that sponsor them. People who do not have the time, money, and facilities of their own are able to help sponsor one of DoubleHP’s rescue horses and learn all about horses and horse ownership.

DoubleHP Spirit and his sponsor Christina

DoubleHP Volunteers assisted a South Dakota Sheriff to rescue Spirit’s herd from starvation. Spirit was just a weanling, found locked in a dark building with no food and no water. He grew up big and strong though and lives at DoubleHP’s sanctuary and learning center, where he helps humans figure things out through equine assisted learning and natural horsemanship programs.

Christina, age 13, raises money through crafts, rummage sales, etc, to help sponsor Spirit. Christina also helps with chores at DoubleHP, and she and Spirit have started a natural horsemanship program together and are zipping through Parelli’s Level One.

Christina’s family is not set up right now to own a horse. They live in town and have four young children. So, through DoubleHP’s rescue and education programs, Christina is able to have her horse and Spirit gets another very special person in his life.


Nameplate that Christina bought for Spirit’s stall door


One of our other sponsors, Angela, gave Christina a shirt to welcome her to our program. Our horsemanship program is called AWE (Assertiveness, Willpower, Energy). So if you are in our program, you are in AWE!


Attentive Students, Christina and Spirit during their first outdoor horsemanship session


The Circle Game

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