A story of best friends

Credit: shrek-and-megan

Story written by Megan C. 

It is a small place that may be overlooked or go unnoticed. That’s where you’ll find me. But, what may look small on the outside is nothing compared to what happens behind the scenes. Bertell Farms is a place where not only animals find hope, but people can as well. With a truly welcoming environment, Bertell Farms is the place where your limitations don’t hold you back. Whether you’re blind or have had past troubles, this is a place where you start over new, leaving you with an experience that makes you want to come back. That’s why Bertell Farms is where I adopted my horse and my life-long best friend. Shrek is his name. Yes, a strange name for a horse, but there’s nothing strange about his story and how he came to the farm. Between him not knowing how to turn right or left, not knowing what “whoa” meant or simply just trying to kick me every time I got near him with a saddle, it has been an adventure. With my determination and his “never give up” attitude, we finally made a connection. “A feeling of a lifetime” is what I would call it. This horse, going from ‘nothing’ to having someone persistently work with him came out to be something extraordinary. Now, only four months later he lets me walk, trot, and canter on him bareback with just a halter and lead rope. He’s learned how to run the pole and barrel patterns, along with jumping bareback. He even placed 4th in his first ever Western Show. Not only has he given me the wings I lacked, he’s also given me his trust. Whether it’s him letting me ride him backwards, or him learning new tricks like smile, or shake, or hug, without Bertell Farms, I would have never have found my new best friend. Not only does Bertell Farms welcome you, they also give you memories that will truly last a life time.

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