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Tango is a three year old grade Quarter Horse Cremello gelding that arrived at Ranger’s Legacy Equine Rescue on April 7th, 2013. He was a starvation case. This is his story told by Crystel Denton:

On the morning of April 5th, 2013, I received a call from a gentleman that he could not feed his horse anymore and the horse was starting to lose weight. Would I please come and pick him up? That gelding was Cash and he is doing wonderfully. I told you about him back in May, but he is important to this story because, if I had not received the call for him, I would not have found Tango.


On April 7th, when I and my volunteer, Jessica, pulled up to pick up Cash, we saw an emaciated, white horse standing in the driveway on the outside of Cash’s corral. No food or water in sight. He was standing opposite Cash’s water tank, but could not reach it.

When I asked the gentleman about the horse standing in the driveway, he told me that the horse in question belonged to a friend of his and we were only there to pick up the gelding in the corral (Cash). He said the reason he wasn’t in the corral was that his friend had not bought food for the horse in several days and he didn’t want him eating what he fed his horse. Jessica and I walked back to the truck for the transfer of ownership paperwork and Jessica looked at me and said, “We are not leaving without that other horse.” I said that was just what I was thinking so we decided to ask the gentleman to call his friend and let us speak with them.

At first, the woman friend did not want to discuss giving the young gelding up. She kept saying she was looking at purchasing some property that she could turn him out on and that he would be okay. I kept telling her that the horse was not going to survive long enough for her to find that property. Then she asked me if she could get him back later. I politely told her that we have an adoption process and once he was healthy again, she would be more than welcome to fill out the necessary paperwork. 

She finally gave her consent and allowed her friend to be her proxy and sign the gelding over to us. Jessica and I got both horses loaded up as quickly as we could and headed straight to my vet.

After a thorough examination, my vet informed me that he believed neither horse had had any food and very little water for at least two days and if we had not got to them when we did; they would not have survived much longer. 

Since that day, Tango has grown into a beautiful three (almost four) year old gelding. He has a wonderful disposition, is smart and loves to be doted on. He has put on some height and is going to be a wonderful horse for someone someday. Tango has many years ahead of him and a very bright future.

Right now, Tango is still at RLER, and he is ready for his own family. He is up for adoption and anyone interested can contact RLER through our facebook page.

Tango before he was rescued by RLER:


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