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Faith was our first rescue at This Old Horse. She came from a ranch in South Dakota that had 205 horses and of those 95 were too far gone. You hope, and maybe even pray, that they will recover and often they do just like Faith. 

Not long after Faith, two broodmares, Dalai and Belle, arrived from Princeton, MN. Dalai is easy to spot because sadly her ears tips were frozen off. Belle is just so beautiful. It is hard to imagine why anyone would neglect them.

These girls are all survivors and deserve a lot of love and care. At This Old Horse, we try to do just that through a variety of programs and care from inside and outside of This Old Horse.

Right now Belle, Dalai and Faith are in a temporary foster home with huge shelters and even bigger pastures. They are part of the herd that goes to the University of Minnesota where they ‘work hard’ every day from 8:00am to 4:30pm eating grass from different pastures. A life that they totally deserve.


Besides all of that, they recently had a spa day. There was a little brushing, hoof picking and chiropractic care all on an early spring day that was unusually warm and sunny. After all of this, they were exhausted (actually just super relaxed) and needed a nap. It was so fun to see all of them sprawled out in the pasture.

There is one more horse with Faith, Belle and Dalai. Her name is Zip. She is a retired broodmare that is part of our sanctuary. She was the last mare adjusted. We put hay out at this point and she very quietly was eating the hay probably so she wouldn’t disturb her pasture mates but more likely because she didn’t have to share.


It warms your heart and brings such joy to see them having a life that all horses should get to experience. One filled with love, plenty of food, care and friends both human and horse. 

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