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Story submitted by Heart of the Phoenix Equine Rescue

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Tonks was a neglect case from WV. You would not even recognize her before picture. Her thin body looked like nothing more than skin stretched over a skeleton. Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue took her in, rehabbed her and gave her the training to find a good home. She was adopted by a different family before she finally came home with me. Even though it is sad that Tonks did not work out with her first adopter, I am thrilled that she came back to HOP because this meant she would end up on my little farm. I have a 28 year old horse who is enjoying a well earned retirement and have been looking for a new trail partner. It was important to me that I try to find my match from a rescue instead of a sale or breeder. I had followed Tonks story since she first came to HOP. I was happy for her when she was adopted but a little sad because I had wished that I might have the chance to meet her and see if she would be a good fit. Until just a few months ago I didn’t have room for her. I follow HOP’s page and enjoy reading updates about the rescued horses. Something about Tonk’s adventures with her foster mom always stood out to me. We just built our house last year and have been working on our barn. When I saw that she was available again and my barn was finally under roof, I contacted HOP to see if I could meet her. All I can say is that the 6.5 hour drive (each way) was well worth it. Her foster mom, Suzanna, did a great job teaching her how to be a well behaved horse. I was a little worried – I had heard about high strung Arabians. BUT within the first hour of meeting her, my heart completely melted. 

Tonks is my match. “I will go with you and you will go with me and we will go together” is one of my favorite quotes from one of Buck Brannaman’s DVDs. 

This quote is so fitting for my Tonks – my heart horse. She is so smart and has her own strong opinions but she is ever willing to go with me and be my partner whatever I ask of her. I have barely had her home for one month but it already feels like she has settled into my life and I cannot imagine a day without her. She always greets me with a toss of her head and a whinny. She is curious, affectionate, and always ready to go do something. I am so thankful for HOP and especially Suzanna for not only meeting Tonks physical needs but educating her so she can be such an enjoyable horse to be around. HOP does so much more than just rescue horses from sad and deplorable situations. They give solid long term hope to the horses by means of physical rehabilitation and training. 


They are a great source of information for all horse owners – not just adopters. I’m looking forward to better weather and great adventures with my, Tonks!

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