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February 2017 we attended the local auction. As we looked at the horses awaiting their fate, a young (boy) auction worker came up to us and said, ” If you are going to save one please save this one, he is really cool, the owner had us pick him up, owner said he is the grand on of The Pusher the famous TWH.” He was pointing at a very thin, Senior Tennessee Walking Horse with a pretty white blaze.


 So in the end we bid and won him for $100.00. I wanted to call him Methuselah because he looked very old …my co-rescuer said, come on now, that name was not very motivational so she changed it to “Turbo” The coggins from the auction said 24 yrs old ….when the Vet did the exam he said Turbo was at least 30. Yes, he had worms his hooves needed attention, he had ulcers and very few teeth left. 

However turbo did rehabilitated pretty fast. He can not eat hay (drops quids) so he eats Senior Mash twice a day, he has turned into a handsome horse for his age and it Turns out, Turbo was not ready for a dull/ sedentary life style, he is very friendly, the first to greet volunteers at the gate, he like to supervise us in the feed room for morning feeding and love a good brushing. One thing is, Turbo is a loner. He must have been a show horse most of his life, he prefers us humans over the other Senior horses. Turbo served humans for 30yrs, he will live out the days here in peace and contentment, He deserves a nice life for what time he has left. 

Luv ya Turbo.

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