Unsure who saved who saved who


Knee-Hi is an adorable miniature colt who arrived at Colorado Horse Rescue with his mother, Callie, when he was just 3 months old. A CHR volunteer saw Knee-Hi on Craigslist and although he was too young to be sold away from his mother, a local establishment that can only be described as “a puppy mill for farm animals”, was attempting to sell him anyway. The volunteer contacted CHR about space availability and offered to personally buy the baby if the breeder would include mom for free. She knew that Callie, Knee-Hi’s mother had a serious and painful tumor yet had been forced to breed anyway for the last 3 years.

Knee-Hi may have possibly been the smallest equine ever to reside at CHR. We witnessed a shy colt transform into a curious, rambunctious lad, full of playful personality. As for mom, thanks to funds donated by Animals Abused and Abandoned, Callie received the surgery she so desperately needed to remove the painful tumor. Knee-Hi was adopted into a kind local family along with three other horses from CHR. Knee-Hi’s new owner stated, “We have a loving little herd of beautiful horses that most people would have forgotten and written off. They are so much work and an incredible joy in our lives all because CHR gave them a second chance. As for us, I am unsure who saved who saved who here… angels in fur.”

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