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Story told by Karen at Red Bucket Equine Rescue:

We at Red Bucket Equine Rescue are reminded of those who make motherhood a reality…the newborn foals! Nothing says spring time like a brand-new life, and in particular, “Winni,” who is joyfully celebrating her life as a yearling! She spends her happy days now in the pasture down the road at Kennedy Pedigo Farms, running and playing freely all day long, cozily tucked away into the barn at night. Winni is the epitome of confidence and health. The Red Riding Hoods have adored Winni since the day she was born. This in turn has shaped Winni into a most self- assured and poised yearling filly, demonstrating her leadership ability from the very beginning. 

While Winni has been loved since the moment she was born, her mother Nalah had not been as lucky in life until she was rescued last year in time to save both of them. The full circle of trust and hope passed from mare to foal and was completed the moment Winni was born. Though her mother Nalah was with Red Bucket for only 45 days before Winni’s birth last year, it was enough time for her to grow into the role of “mother to be” with the nurturing volunteers at Red Bucket. Nalah suffered from unspeakably harsh treatment and was found living in terrible conditions when rescued. She was “very pregnant” and had been bred for sport. Her submissive and dull eyes told the story of a lifetime of mistreatment. Red Bucket volunteers wasted no time helping Nalah to begin trusting humans again. She was bedded well in deep shavings in a large corner stall at the end of the barn. This barn included a row of horses that would soon take “Mama Nalah” under their wings. They became a wonderful society of loyal protectors and supporters for the expectant mare. This “Club” consisted of Haze, Hobby and Spice. The four horses became fast friends and looked out for each other. Nalah proved to be a wonderful and protective mother to Winni. They could be seen most days last spring enjoying the large turn-out paddock in the front of the Ranch. Many people would stop to admire and take pictures of the two miracles that were now a wonderful part of the Red Bucket story of loyalty and love. 

Winni began her life in a 12 x 12 stall for the first month as a windswept foal. Her legs were swung inward, and she needed some time for her bones to get stronger. Kimberly, Jenon, and dedicated volunteers handled, touched and spent quality time imprinting her several times a day. She was already learning to be led in the halter after only turning a couple of days old. Because of the consistent human interaction and handling, Winni was thriving! She also began showing her innate bossy and self-composed nature. Winni lived the life of a “Princess” with sweet mama Nalah, but then came the important days of weaning. While these days can be tough on both equines and humans, Winni’s process was helped along with her two donkey friends, Joey and Coco, who were the same age. All three were weaned together and helped each other get through this huge change. Once Winni had been completely weaned, she stepped up and helped out Red Bucket’s very fearful and feral colt Ranger in learning to trust the volunteers at Red Bucket. Her leadership ability has been impeccable.

It has been a year full of milestones for Winni. She has grown into her own as a teacher, companion and role model to her new best friend and pasture playmate Cinderella. She would be considered in human terms to be a social butterfly, happy to romp and play while still showing her grand manners. Red Bucket can be proud to call Winni a true lady filled with Charm Farm etiquette! She represents what the true spirit of Red Bucket is all about. With great conformation and a lovely disposition, Winni is a big, proud and beautiful bay fill. She will always be loved and will never know the harsh and demeaning existence her mother endured before being rescued. She has proven that life really does come “full circle” with her great looks and her independent and take charge attitude. Winni is an amazing example of how love, trust and hope can, and will, always change a situation for the better.

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