And That Ain’t (Cheap) Hay; Drought Saddles Horse Owners

Reading Time: 2 minutes THE MORNING JOURNAL, OHIO — AUGUST 28, 2012 — The summer drought has stung area horse owners with a sharp price rise for hay to feed their steed. Some fear a winter shortage could force them to sell their horses for slaughter. The price of hay has doubled from $3 a bale to $7.50 a […]

Purina Lends a Hand

Reading Time: < 1 minutes Yesterday, you read about A Home for Every Horse in Juli Thorson’s Horse Talkblog post. It’s a great program that deserves your attention. It’s generating so much interest that Purina Mills, LLC, announced that it’ll donate $125,000 worth of feed to the American Horse Council’s Unwanted Horse Coalition, which will be distributed to 400 horse […]

Do You Know About ‘A Home For Every Horse’?

Reading Time: < 1 minutes With America’s horse rescues full to overflowing, wouldn’t it be great if there were some easy, reliable way for adopters to find available horses online? Yes, and guess what–there is! The Equine Network, of which Horse&Rider is a part, has partnered with the Unwanted Horse Coalition to create and power a match-up site called A […]

Mustang Makeover

Reading Time: < 1 minutes The first Extreme Mustang Makeover event was held in 2007, and and it has gained popularity in recent years.